Sep 20, 2011

super duper

I’ve been wondering whether to introduce some regular posts featuring Paige and her super duper stylish eye for baby fashions. She’s got almost as much vintage in her mini wardrobe as I do in my grown up wardrobe, and most of it is SO FREAKING CUTE it seems a shame not to share. What do you think? Something you guys would like to see here?

Skirt – vintage  *  Blouse – Target  *  Belt - Supre
Paige wears vintage overalls c/- Twitch Tots


  1. aw definitely, shes a little cutie! & such a stylish mum too! loving your polkadot skirt, that colour is so refreshing.x

  2. Mmmm, yep, another find for the store that hasn't quite made it! ;)

  3. cute skirt!

  4. How CUTEE! I absolutely love vintage baby stuff.

  5. You both are adorable! Love how your clothes matches! :) I'd love to see more of your little girl too! :)

  6. YES! MORE of cute little paige in her outfits. That first photo of you and her is soooooo cute!!!! Loving all the blue - and those polka dots!

  7. Snot monster! Yeha! I can see she is in the chubby leg stage so cute! my son looked like a buda from 6 months up to 1 year he was as round as an egg!

  8. polka dots suit you well! these images remind me of pages from 1950s home magazines. More features on Paige please - too cute!

    x Lauren


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