Sep 22, 2011


I’m too pale for this shirt without a cardigan. Or maybe the shirt is too pale for me? Either way, looking through our photos my feelings for the colour changed. So here are some details instead; arm party attendees - the first completed friendship bracelet, vintage watch, pink leather band from Istanbul eons ago, some amber, hazelwood and turquoise beads (apparently good for teething babies!) and my name bracelet + birthday bag from Lauren and messy hair piled up before I even got out of bed this morning.


  1. I think it works quite well actually hun.

    NRC ♥

  2. Yeah, maybe, I think it's the pale legs that loose it! haha
    Thanks though. :)

  3. Love the first picture, lovely

    See U !

  4. lovely details! and the bag makes a cameo appearance again :) xx

    x Lauren

  5. These two photos are very cool. I really like that top that you are wearing, with or without a cardigan. You look good in it.

    Miss Bias

  6. i think your paleness is perfect. pale skin is beautiful with clothes! and i love the details! gorgeous!


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