Apr 8, 2012

signing out

Where to begin… I’m signing out of the blog for a little while; I need to take some time away from it to re-evaluate how we feel about each other. I’ve been finding the whole process of maintaining interesting posts something of a struggle lately and rather than continue on without my usual enthusiasm, which may result in some lacklustre output, I think it’s best if we take a break. Not a break up though, no no no, I’m not ready for that kind of finality! Blame it on the pregnancy if you will, blame it on needing some more me time in my life, there’s probably lots of things I could blame it on but that’s not important, what is important is that I will still be working away on the re:new store, listing new pieces of vintage for you to love each and every week. And I’ll be doing mah thing on instagram (@brookerenew), Facebook and Twitter as normal. This is not total abandonment, honest!
B x

Mar 27, 2012


I wanted to share a couple of changes I’ve made to current listings, I’m thinking about bringing it back as a regular feature here... although I don’t like to change too much on vintage clothes now; I used to hem everything in sight but over the years I’ve come to appreciate that these pieces are beautiful just as they are and can be enjoyed by our modern world just as they were back in the 70s, 80s, whenever. Occasionally though there’s just too much fabric going on, or there is damage that can only be removed rather than repaired, or something just isn’t quite right… you know what I mean! And I feel that, generally, something small and simple like hemming or removing sleeves can really bring an item into its own, making it 1,000 times more wearable. But hey, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

Both available >HERE<

Mar 21, 2012

newly listed

New vintage listings in store, shop HERE

Mar 20, 2012

mini finds

Our latest mini-wardrobe additions…

Vintage dresses – all Twitch Tots (it’s no secret this is one of my favourite vintage kids stores!) 

Vintage overalls – all Twitch Tots  *  Vintage boots – Tinsel and Wheat  *  Beanie - Pumpkin Patch (I removed the big brand patch from the front, not a logo fan)

Mar 18, 2012

week 27

In the words of Ashley… getting dressed now is ‘all about trying not to look like a tent. Or a whale. Or a house. Even though I feel like one.’ I’m so tempted to buy myself some pregnant lady clothes but that sensible internal voice keeps saying ‘but you’ll only be wearing them for 12 more weeks, last time you managed to wait it out’. Damn you sensible!

This week I’ve been feeling a bit restless, a bit up and down emotionally, helped none by restless sleep and being woken up with massively painful leg cramps in the middle of the night (lets not even mention how many bathroom breaks are required throughout the night when you’re pregnant)! And have I mentioned before how much this baby moves? What can he possibly be doing in there that requires so much activity! But I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting Paige into a good routine of tidying up her books and toys at the end of the day with the promise of watching half an hour of TV before bed, now I don’t have to bend down and pick anything up. hehe Clever mummy!

Trousers + top – vintage

Mar 15, 2012

some light reading

Some people like to treat themselves with sweet foods, I like to treat myself with magazines!
Currently rotating between Frankie, Peppermint, Marie Claire, My Child and Shop Til You Drop.

Cardigan – Sportsgirl  *  Bag – Glebe Markets

Mar 12, 2012

week 26

I need someone to come round to my house and help me up off the floor; I don’t look anywhere near as big in these photos as what I feel!!!

Shirt – Dotti  *  Jeans – Topshop Maternity  *  Necklace – Little Pancakes

Mar 7, 2012

newly listed

Listing listing, everyday… I’ve got so much good stuff to show you guys!
Shop HERE… and hey, let’s say use the coupon code ‘JUSTBECAUSE’ before the end of the week for 20% off store wide as well.