Sep 18, 2011


Man I hate having the flu. All week the Bubble and I have been living in a snot haze. Gross but true. Too much information?

Why, I ask, is it so hard to find Glomesh bags in black? There’s crap loads of white but never black. I suppose it’s because no one gives theirs up once they’ve found them, like me!

Must work on not frowning in photos...

Dress – re:new vintage  *  Jacket – 2ndhand Forever 21  *  Bag - vintage


  1. Love that last blurry photo, so cute!

  2. that lost shot is fabulouso! urgh the flu just as we're marching on into spring, that sucks! i hope you've had a weekend out in the sun & are starting to feel better. loving those wedges babe, they look schmick!x

  3. Candid moment, probably best it's blurry otherwise frowning would be the last of my facial expression worries! ;)

  4. Nice dress Brooke~!

    It's so true that you can hardly seen black glomesh bag anywhere so i'm glad that you've found yourself one =)


  5. hey. a posted like a bunch of your latest post. amaziiinnnnn!


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