Aug 21, 2011

around the world

I spent Saturday sourcing for a styling job I’m doing at the moment, loads of fun, I literally spent all day shopping. This kind of dedication calls for nothing less than comfy dressing, cue the Converse. Everyone’s got a pair right? I bought mine in New York about a hundred years ago and they’ve trodden all over the world with me. It’ll be a sad sad day when they eventually fall apart.

The first Thrift Exchange post is on its way this week, uber excitment!

Jumper – vintage (in store soon)  *  Bag – vintage via Mint Mall


  1. gotta love the good ol' pair of chuck taylors! I have 3 pairs and I don't think I can ever part with any of them! great bag dear, looking forward to seeing your first thrift exchange look! ;)

    x Lauren

  2. LOVE that first pic! Awesome photos and loving the feel and look of this outfit.

  3. very cute outfit :)

  4. Love this outfit and your blog! following you :)

  5. sounds like you've got a pretty awesome job... and I like your "effortlessly cool" outfit.. great pics!

  6. Love this casual streety and preppy look!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  7. it's from a shop called cocolatte in melbourne central x
    and yes i will try it back to front. :)

  8. you look stunning- always love your photos and your way of styling.
    re:comment i think it was cold enough.. and then it started raining so he never did get that warm before many hours later.. but he was so happy. and didn't get sick ;)

  9. great blog!!!
    congratulations for it!


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