Aug 19, 2011


Holy crap! This week has completely gotten away from me. I had all intentions to do this post days ago but… I try not to be but I’m a totally erratic blogger!    
I caught up with Emma (Spin Dizzy Fall), Lauren (Your Only Blackswan) and Thu (Original Number) last weekend for a chocolate fix, and man do I always need a chocolate fix. It was all I could do to not drink that sweet sweet melted chocolate straight from the fondue dish while the girls happily chatted away. Classy!

Jacket – Mok Theorem  *  Cardigan – Supre  *  Dress – thrifted  *  Bag – vintage  *  Boots – Miss Shop


  1. love the photos of you girls! X

  2. oh that fondue!! perfect for a drizzly day like today! As for the "cocktails" next time - girl i am down! ;)

    Happy weekend darl and keep dry!

    x Lauren

  3. Thought you might be! haha Perhaps Joelyn fancies a cocktail with us! ;)

  4. lovin' all these candid snaps! you all look great, so many individual pieces here that im loving. & that fondue looks soooo delish :) x

  5. Great Photos....Xx Muse

  6. absolutely L O V E the fringed boots, i need a pair like that for winter.
    cute photos btw. i would too love some hot chocolate!
    happy weekend

  7. fantastic post, fantastic photos! now following. your blog looks great.



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