Oct 22, 2011

spring in my step

I know people are saying that stilettos are coming back in but I really can’t bring myself to strap anything other than the equivalent of a brick onto my feet! I bought these to use in store photos (because black shoes just don’t go with everything) but figured I could break them in a little this weekend. The days (and nights) are so perfect at the moment; this is unquestionably my favourite time of the year.

Paige turned 1 last week, she’s growing and changing so much every day. She’s just so beautiful and amazing to me. And she’ll be walking sooner rather than later. Because she doesn’t already wear me out enough!

Enter the re:new x White Owl giveaway here.

Me: Dress – vintage  *  Wedges – via Nasty Gal  *  Arrow bracelet – Little Pancakes
Paige: Dress – vintage via Twitch Tots  *  Hairclip – Mothercare  *  Amber necklace – All About Amber


  1. Oh wow, is that you in your photos? 1. You are beautiful. 2. I cannot imagine wearing such heels & running after a child! Amazing! PS. I agree, I love having bricks on my feet in comparison to pens.

  2. Oh Paige you are a gorgeous special little girl <3

  3. Aww Hana, that's so sweet, yes that's me! But believe me, I'm not chasing after her wearing those!

  4. Beautiful dress!! Love it


  5. Happy birthday to Paige! Wish her a super duper beautiful year ahead~! OMG time flies =P

    And I love your wedges~~ you looks so hot in them~

    SHOP Ezzentric Topz

  6. She's Beautiful :)

  7. very lovely dress!!!
    i suppose, wedges will stay one or two seasons ... then they will vanish to thin air (or thin heels)... everyday live is much easier on wedges ;)


  8. so cute! and great outfit:)

  9. oh lordy, Paige is adorable!!! love her cute dress and necklace - you need to bring out these photos on her 21st! hehe I hope she had a wonderful 1st birthday

    You're looking hot Mama! Check out those pins hehe
    the arrow necklace is amazing, im going to check out the store now

    x Lauren

    looking forward to seeing the next

  10. how hot are those wedges! who are they by? love them, & I'm always envious of your amaaaaaazing legs.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Paige :) x


  11. Loving those wedges, the colour is perfect!! Happy birthday to Paige, she's beautiful! x

  12. Paige is the prettiest, cutest little thing, and i'm so glad you share her with us :-) her cute smile is contagious and i adore her teeny weeny outfits!

    And as for those shoes and dress - wow. You look AHMAZE! ;)

    the sydney girl

  13. You make the simple outfit speaks so aloud,adorable kid..… pretty smiles so sweet to delight the whole pictures!!

  14. She is gorgeous and of course you have her in the cutest dress ever! Styling vintage baby ;) Congrats on year 1!! Also, I am the same way about wearing bricks on my feet.. better that than stilts! Your new beige shoes are awesome.

  15. wow gorgeous! love your dress x

  16. Aww, Paige is really a very cute and adorable little girl! Happy 1st birthday to her! She is as pretty as you! :) You are both gorgeous! We love your dress so much! Those heels are amazing! We love your style very much! We look forward to seeing more photos of you and Paige together! Very lovely! :)

    MUCH love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  17. I am totally the same, I have a rather large wedge collection and chunky heels...I own one pair of semi-stilleto heels. Your daughter is gorgeous by the way! xx

  18. Those wedges are HOT, girl. I think I am in loooooove. Also, your dress is super adorable. Perfect outfit.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. Love the dress and wedges! And those last two pictures of your daughter are absolutely beautiful!
    - Gaby

    From Rags to Glam

  20. Beautiful wedges! I love the second picture - such a nice detil!
    And Paige is so cute =)

  21. cutesy twosome. beautiful photos


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