Apr 26, 2010

white gold

I know I know, I've been a ridiculously bad blogger lately. And while I do have very good reasons I can't go into them right now but what was supposed to be a 24hr visit to QLD has turned into a 2 week stay, such is the luxury of being one's own boss and running a business that I can do almost anywhere.

However, needless to say, I am severely under-packed for a 2 week stay away from home so I've had to expand my wardrobe with a few el cheapo finds to break up the monotony of wearing the same singlet and shorts combo 14 days straight! So $10 later, I've added this white shirt dress, which isn't really a dress as it's much to short to conceal ones modesty! But the tags tell me it's a dress nonetheless.

I'm loving the super thin fabric and loose fit (kinda like most things already in my wardrobe) for this time of year when the weather is so inbetween and indecisive.

Shirt - Imprint
Leather cuff - stannard-inc


  1. oh secrets secrets secrets =)
    Haha i wish i had an excuse to buy/opshop a new 2 week wardrobe!
    glebe is so far away now!


  2. I know, stupid far away. But I have my fingers crossed that the universe has messed our dates up for a good reason.


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