Apr 29, 2010

city girls

I think we can safely say, after taking these photos, that I am most certainly not a country girl.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy staying at my parents' sprawling property I rarely venture past the backyard pool, which is in immediate proximity to the house. I most enjoy sitting on their balcony with a cup of tea watching the ducks and their ducklings splash around in the pond, the alpacas next door and listening to cockatoos, galas, rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras aplenty. However my brain temporarily forgot my skin's aversion to horses and nature and I dragged mumma re:new outside to take these shots (after spending 30 minutes going through her jewellery drawer piling on a variety of bracelets and chains belonging to both her and my grandmother), during which my sister's horse came over for his 15 minutes of fame after opening the gates on his own. I don't know either!

Honestly, we were down there for all of about 15 minutes and I've had to take 2 showers and apply slatherings of skin soothing aloe vera gel! Brooke + Nature = itchy!

Dress - el cheapo buy #2 for unexpected stay away from home
Jacket - Cue, thrifted
Jewellery - vintage


  1. gorgeous photos!!!!especially love the one with the lovely horse~!!it it yours??


  2. Great work on the vintage buys!! That dress looks amazing. Haha her horses red thing matches your outfit!

    Wish i had that stack of vintage gold on your wrist, lucky!


  3. Red AND stripes - a girl after my own heart. Gorgeous photos :)


  4. He belongs to my sister; I'm mildly afraid of him actually, purely because of his great bulk! Plus I've seen over the years the injuries he can unwittingly cause!

  5. haahaa, so that's why you stand away from him~he looks pretty calm and innocent though~

    did you purposely put a red head collar on him to match your blazer by the way??he does look like part of your outfit~=P


  6. You look so stunning with the scenery, especially with your sister's horse. Hope your skin feels better soon! xx

  7. very amazing outfit, the dress looks lovely
    Rianna xxx

  8. Twee - it's his 'bling brindle' (not my words), just happened to work out well that it was red as well. The horse and I, we're not that co-ordinated! *lol

    Thanks Jessica; city skin is back to normal so I can continue to talk to him from over the fence and not pat!

    And thank you all for your lovely comments. :)

  9. What a lovely outfit!! I'm in love with your red jacket!! xoxoxoxo

  10. Cool dress!


  11. This reminds me of Givenchy :) Love it.


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