Apr 19, 2010

there's nothing better than your own bed after a holiday

Which is something I always end up looking forward to… my bed is the most comfortable bed in the entire world!
That fact aside… NZ was such a good trip; bar one day there was sunshine aplenty, the people were so friendly and genuinely interested in maintaining conversations, the views were nothing short of amazing and copious amounts of delicious food was consumed!

So what have I missed? What has everyone been up to? I see the blog world has been busily posting away and I am resisting the urge to read back through postings I’ve missed because I have quite a lot of work to do. Cue my return to real life, but I’ll leave you with a little diary of my NZ outfit adventures (which has lead me to realise that I spend far to much time dressing in black, white and grey)!


  1. love the pictures with you and the mountain and the lake and the stones =)

    Looks amazing!!!!


  2. I've heard the op shopping in NZ is awe to the some. Hope you got some goodies!

  3. Yeah, wasn't bad. Wasn't bad at all. Had to be a little more picky than usual because of limited suitcase space but found some cool stuff.
    But I can't say I spent that much time looking though, I was distracted by food and afternoon naps!

  4. Hey brooke,
    How'd you go at glebe on saturday?

  5. all these pictures are beautiful, i love your style :)



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