Mar 6, 2010

what are you looking at?

Dear Saturday.
It’s so nice that you’ve come around again… and with a whole lotta sunshine so I can overdose on vitamin D! 
Thank you, you’re just lovely.

Top – Bardot
Jeans – Gripp Jeans


  1. The sun is still on holidays up here at the Gold Coast! Still overcast, not even a peep! Has Neil been getting arty farty again? GREAT pics!! xx

  2. Nope, those paintings are done by moi. Different room, different art!

  3. Funny pictures! This is what I was talking about: you really have the potential of being a model!

    The top is really cool!

  4. i love these photos they are so fun! the last is my favorite

    Vi from Cali

  5. This is what happens on a Saturday morning when Neil is away and I have nothing to do!

    Bloomingvogue, you will be my favourite blogger for eternity leaving messages like that! *lol

  6. wow!!
    really love your top!!

    thnx for your comment!!



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