Mar 2, 2010

free postage comp

There’s a sweet little re:new comp going on over on Facebook at the moment – currently we’re sitting on 220 fans, which is an odd number for me, I’m much happier with 250.
So I’ve decided on a spur of the moment bonus for my 250th fan - free postage on their next purchased item. Sweet deal or what!
If you’re not already on there better get that mouse clicking quick smart! And if you are, you better get suggesting to your friends because if the 250th fan comes from you, you’ll get free postage too!

Oh, and if you’re a reader of Grazia you may have spied me on the ‘Your Space’ page this week. Yay! 
Thanks Grazia! hehe


  1. congrats, lovely.
    you look divine! great photo.

    i submitted a photo here too a few weeks back, great minds must think alike :)

  2. wow looks good. Might send something in =)


  3. It's a good little promo avenue I think! I know I've found a few interesting blogs from the pages in the past so I can only hope other people will look at mine as well.

  4. WOW!! Congrats! You're famous now!!! Woooo! xxx

  5. Hi there,

    I'm on there too, hope it gets you lots of exposure, your blog looks great.

    Sleekit x


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