Mar 1, 2010

nobody can see me crying in the rain

Received some very expensive car news this morning despite how calm I may look in these photos! Perfect day for it really – overcast, raining, windy, miserable.
So I’m grounded this week, the week I was planning some major shopping! This means I’m going to have to improvise, go through my boxes and start bringing out the cold weather pieces that I was saving for a more weather-appropriate time. I suppose it’s not a bad thing really considering 1. it’s the first day of autumn today so we’re all thinking about keeping warm, and 2. it’s probably time to stop hoarding pieces and get them online and turning over quicker in order to pay for said car news. *sob
So in the next collection of bits and pieces you can expect jackets, cardigans, jumpers and long sleeves all round. Lovely!

Jacket – Piper Lane
T-shirt – Bardot
Jeans – Gripp Jeans
Boots – Miss Shop


  1. ooohhhh loving the jacket!

  2. LOVE the jacket! LOVE LOVE


  3. I know, I love it too. It's a sample from their Dec sale and it was one of those moments when you see something and you probably snatch it off the rail too fast but any time spent away from your hands is too much of a risk! *lol

  4. Oh gosh i HATE cars when they don't work :(:( Mine for some reason decides to go flat overnight even WITH a brand new battery! I think I'll be hearing similar news to you soon :(

    On a happy not I LOVE your outfit!! The blazer is stunning!


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