Feb 26, 2010


The difference a little time on a sewing machine can do…
All in store tonight and tomorrow. 


  1. oh, the first dress is stunning! i love them all :)

  2. thats awesome what you do! I've always wanted to do that but it takes a lot of time i'm sure.. so i am envious that you alter so many amazing pieces! looks super!!

  3. Yeah, it can take a bit of time when you get a misbehaving piece, but generally it's just repetitive more than anything else. But the finished product always makes it worthwhile!

    First dress is my favourite! hehe

  4. Great work Brooke! They look awesome, I'm so excited for you and so wowed by what you do, I even just made my brother come and have a look! :) xx

  5. haha I bet he was real impressed!!!


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