Mar 9, 2010

facing facts

I really love this dress but I’m eventually going to have to face to the fact that it doesn’t really fit me properly which makes it uncomfortable to wear. But I’m not ready yet so I’ll continue to keep it in my wardrobe, pull it out occasionally for consideration, and then put it back knowing better.
Found these shoes yesterday during my mammoth shopping trip which ended with numerous wonderful finds and one impending migraine! They’ll be in the store end of this week so if you like ‘em you know where to get ‘em!

Dress – vintage
Shoes – vintage
Socks - Target


  1. Wow those shoes! COOL!
    Also where did you go shopping? I want to do a vintage shopping day soon to add to my personal wardrobe =) It needs a winter update.

  2. Weeeellll... I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!
    Seriously though, there's not really any particular 'place' as such, you can find bits anywhere and everywhere as I'm sure you know. That's the beauty of doing this job, I have the freedom to search out possibilities all over the state.
    Salvos are always good because they just have soooo much stuff, but some stores can be a little overpriced for what you get and the work that might have to be done. But generally any op shop potentially has good things if you've got the time to search.

    Oh, and Newtown has such a ridiculously high concerntration of op shops/secondhand stores/weekend market stalls that you could spend the entire day there spending your bank account as well as your credit card!

  3. i really like the dress they wa it fit you is wonderful

    Vi from Cali

  4. Far away photography hides the fact that it's just a little too big and the skirt doesn't sit right around my waist. But you'll never know cos I deleted the ones where it was crooked! hehe

  5. You look absolutely lovely in that dress and shoes! Definitely green with envy. Lots of love, jess xx

  6. I frickin hate it when you love something and WANT it to work and it just DOESN'T. I think you look fab, love the sleeves, but I know the feeling when you pull something out to wear and ALWAYS put it back. Deflating :-P

  7. Ah Damsel, at least someone feels my pain!



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