Mar 12, 2010

hanging in the balance

I dedicate this outfit to bloomingvogue; I think it might be one she’d be proud of.

Disaster struck this morning when I realised I’ve lost a ball from my neck piercing and I’m now checking it’s still in every 2 seconds, paranoid it’s going to come out because I do not want to go through the hassle of getting it done again, which I would if it came out.

Cardigan – Supre
Singlet –
Jeans –H&M


  1. Did you find your ball yet?? :( xx

  2. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack!
    Just went and had a new one put on - $40!!!!!! Ouch.

  3. You'll have to find some awesome pieces to make back your losses! :) xxx

  4. Ha ha, thank you so much my dear =) When I opened your blog it made a big smile to my face! This outfit is exactly my style!

    About your piercing: could you field another piercing that wouldn't loose the balls? I had the same problem with my lip piercing (which I already took out). I lost it while I was eating and I first noticed it when I was already biteing on the stick =(

    I'm so sorry for my english! I could imagine that some things sound terrible for you ;)

    And I'm really sorry for being late with leaving comments but nevertheless I'm reading everything on your blog =)

  5. I love this combination everything goes so well together

  6. Hmm, I'm not sure I get what you're asking me bloomingvogue - "could you field another piercing that wouldn't loose the balls?"

  7. Oh, I mean, could you exchange that piercing to another one that wouldn't loose the balls?

  8. Not really I don't think. I mean, I think the only option if not a bar is a ring and I can't imagine that would work back there.
    Not to worry, I've had it a few years and this is the first time one has come out so hopefully we'll be good another few years now!

  9. Love the T!!! I follow you!!!XOXO


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