Feb 19, 2012

week 22

I was feeling pretty good this week until my lower back started to ache all the way down my right leg, then I wasn’t feeling so good! I’ve also been having the occasional Braxton Hicks both this week and last, they’re not too uncomfortable yet but I still don’t enjoy them. Thank God Neil is about as helpful and patient a man as you could possibly ask for when pregnant. I thought I’d make myself feel better and wear out this new dress (which I somehow managed to get dirty in about 10 seconds flat) for our  photos, another item that I think will be on very high rotation over the next 4 months.

What do you mean get out of the way, can’t you see I’m just enjoying my juice!


  1. Again, you are one gorgeous mumma! So excited for you guys xx

  2. you´re baby will be so proud of having such a sweet mummy:D

  3. Such cute pictures! I'm following you now.


  4. Aw paige is such a little cutey! & loving that dress brooke, its the perfect floaty concoction! hope the braxtons ease up & that you're not suffering sciatic pain!!x

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry about the back issue. I had major sciatica issues in my first trimester. Like crazy pain down my right butt cheek and leg. I feel ya sista.
    But lovin that dress on you! I think I already told you but you look amazing in it.

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  6. You look beautiful Brooke! Can't believe you're already halfway there. Hope your back gets better!

    the sydney girl

  7. visiting from the vestiesteam...hello! what a beautiful mama to be you are! its amazing how strong those little arms and legs can be, isn't it?

  8. oh my gosh i LOVE your dress so much!!! the lace on the top is gorgeous!


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