Feb 3, 2012

feb photo a day challenge

I’m publicly declaring that I will take part in this for the entire month of Feb (not like Jan…ahem), so now I have to stick with it, no excuses. Are you doing it? What’s your instagram name?

Source: fatmumslim


  1. eeek I'm doing this too!! I don't have instagram though (when will they release it for android argh!?). I'm posting each day on twitter, but I think I'll post each week on my blog.
    coffeefashionlaughterlove.blogspot.com, if you're interested.


  2. aw i wanna do this too, but i dont have instagram either, i have an android too hahaa so maybe ill do it on my blog as well...is that weird?? haa these things always sound so fun!
    and you are so sweet, i am so happy my words cheered you up without even realizing it!! and seriously your blog is awesome, dont forget it! :)


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