Oct 30, 2011

deep thoughts

We had brunch with some friends today who disappeared travelling 12 months ago. Last time they saw Paige she was just 6wks old! So jealous, they went everywhere possible… New York, London, Paris, everywhere in between… makes me feel like my time living in the UK was a million years ago! And never could I have imagined then that my life would be like it is now, and when you really sit down to think about it, it’s really strange how things work out, how one decision made differently could have taken you on a completely different path. The night I met Neil I can’t even tell you how close I had been to changing trains and going home, oh so so close. And if I had, none of this would ever have happened. Crazy scary!

Me; Dress – vintage, here
Paige; Dress – Pumpkin Patch  *  Hair clip – Poppy Dreams


  1. Aww she is way too beautiful, and such a style queen already ;)

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  2. It's interesting thinking how our smallest decisions can sometimes lead to the biggest life changes! Thank goodness you didn't switch trains that night. I sometimes wish I could clone myself into many people, and send them all off on alternative paths ;)

  3. WAY TOO CUTE!!!!

    originalnumber.blogspot.com xo

  4. She's so adorable. Life is interesting... But you'd be surprised how it usually turns out the way it should :)

    Nik x

  5. these pictures are precious!


  6. beautiful photos, paige is super cute. and i adore your dress so much. it is fantastic.
    wish you both a wonderful week

  7. I love reading your blog because I feel related. Where in the U.K you used to live? For me this is the age when it gets better and better. For me the baby stage it's the most boring one haha

  8. Paige is gorgeous! just look at her smile! so happy! this one is going in the photo album i hope?!

    ... lovely post hun, looking forward to catching up again soon :)

    x Lauren

  9. Sweet pictures! I actually love the knarliness of the trees in the second shot!


  10. she is the sweetest bundle of joy! <3 bless her!
    everything happens for a reason... so amazing how each little step we take can lead to a different future.

  11. This is so darling, what a gorgeous smile on your girl :) I think about those 'sliding moments' doors frequently, particularly when pinching myself for all of the loveliness I'm surrounded by! x Sharon

  12. Sweet Pictures!



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