Sep 8, 2011

merci beau coup

Merci Beau Coup to Toi Et Moi for sending me this dress. Thought I’d hitch the length up a little, nothing a low slung belt can’t fix in a matter of seconds. Although I suppose if you’re attempting a straight hem it’ll take a little longer, time I clearly didn’t take.

Peering over this fence to take the photos drew the owners out of their house, obviously curious as to what the hell we were doing and whether I was about to provide the final push to topple it all over. So we pretended not to notice them while peering very intently at the camera screen before wandering off deep in conversation! haha So lame!

Dress – Toi Et Moi  *  Jacket – vintage  *  Boots – River Island


  1. Haha you look like such a peeping tom.

    Cute outfit as always xx

  2. Lovely photos!
    I think your dress is amazing!

  3. Great photos! I love the look it has something 90's gunge about it. xx


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