Sep 12, 2011


Lauren from Your Only Blackswan bought me this bag for my birthday. Yeah I know, you can’t really see it very well in these pics but there’s plenty of time ahead for us.

Can we just reflect on this gift for a little minute; someone I’ve only personally known (by that I mean beyond the computer screen) for just a few short months has taken the time to think of and seek out a special something that would suit me and my style perfectly. Do you know what that means? It means she’s a keeper! It also means that she has perfectly timed this addition to my wardrobe with my own addition of a massively oversized jumper I bought the other day. Well how convenient!

Jumper – Supre  *  Wedges – Topshop  *  Bag – Glebe Markets  *  Necklace – Tree of Life


  1. I love this, the pictures are super great !

    See U !

  2. Is that a car park? love the scenario the look and vibe has an urban vibe! she is totally a keeper how sweet is that! The bag relly goes with your style. xx how is your little one?

  3. I'm so glad you like the bag, you've styled it perfectly with the maroon jumper! The cool carpark shots look so urban and mysterious hehe
    .... You're a keeper too darl, we need to plan that drink sooner or later ;)

    x Lauren

  4. It's a carpark yep! haha Just took some quick shots on our way into looking at furniture!!! hahaha But let's that keep that on the down-low, it's more uncool when you know the truth!

  5. love your top and your shoes :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  6. Ah Brooke you always look fantastic. You definitely also your own style that works so well for you & it's that true not contrived style that people think they have when they jump on a 'trend' bandwagon!!x

  7. Wonderful blog, I join followers!

  8. Oh my lord, I really should have re-read my comment! Deary me.. but yes I was trying to say that lots of people think they have 'style' when they're clearly just jumping on a trend bandwagon & copying whatever they see in magazines, whereas you seem to be able to manipulate whatever is more 'in' into your personal wardrobe, & that is what I think is true style.x

    Hope thats a bit better!

  9. hahaha Yeah, I figured you were trying to say something along those lines. You always say the nicest things. Thank you. <3

  10. Awesome shots! Love the background idea and love what you're wearing!!

  11. Love everything about this - the mood of the photographs, how you've styled your hair, and your effortless outfit. I'm off to check out your vintage shop now :) Such a wonderful blog.

  12. want those leopard spotted wedges. amazing!
    awesome shots!

  13. Eep, Shareen there's not much in the shop at the moment! *lol Am working on a big upload at the moment though, hopefully listings will get started end of this week/beginning next week.

    Lovely comments from everyone, thank you. :)

  14. Awsome look!!:D I loooove your shoes, they're fabulous!!:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  15. Ce blog est toujours aussi intéressant! J'ADORE!!!!
    Les photos et les looks sont magnifiques!
    Mélanie (pour les amoureuses de vintage :

  16. Yes! love your clothes and pictures!
    please check out our blog, and let us know what you think!



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