Sep 4, 2011

hats off to ya

I’ve never really been one to ‘invest’ in hats; I think it’s because of the limited use I imagine I’d get from them, which isn’t really reasonable seeing as I’ve bought plenty of things in my lifetime that have only ever been used on a handful of occasions.

Busy week this week with loads to share with you, including the next theme for the Thrift Exchange. I’ve barely got time to scratch myself these days and still, every morning when I grudgingly  wake up I think ‘So tired, must go to bed earlier tonight’… but I never do!

Dress – thrifted Leona Edmiston  *  Jumper – thrifted  *  Bag – French Connection


  1. I just found your blog through lookbook.
    Very nice outfit. I really like your style


  2. yeh im the same when it comes to hats, plus i dont think they do me many favours so investing in them would be kinda pointless for me. but yours looks fab on you! & damn brooke you have amaaaazing legs. loving that knit. have a good week!!x

  3. I love how candid these photos look, and that gorgeous gorgeous skirt.

  4. after seeing this post, i think you should be wearing hats more! they suit you perfectly! love the dose of colour and floral under that knit - hope you had a great day today dear and a happy birthday surprise? ;)

    (My email address was added in Neil's secret email sendout)

    x Lauren

  5. I love this whole look!!

    You look good in a hat! I say you should invest in them! - they definitely help on those bad hair days!!

    xx Michaela

  6. Brooke!!!! Hats really do suit you! I love your photos, always stunning. :)

  7. Love your boots with that hat and I don't know your style has something unique that I really love :)


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