Aug 7, 2011


So I may have jinxed the weather by continually saying how perfect it was, because it was fairly gloomy today. Thought I could get away with a lace jacket… wrong! False start on spring was last week. But I have to say I love this lacy fringy cardi-thing from Sportsgirl. Found it on sale, which makes me love it even more! Absolutely no warmth in it whatsoever though and all I ever really want to do is pair it with some denim shorts and go all festival like!

For those of you who always ask; I’ll be at Dear Pluto’s Garden Markets again this month, the 28th to be exact.

Jacket – Sportsgirl  *  Slip – vintage  *  Wedges – Topshop


  1. ooooh i love that lace thing too!
    I really want a shawl like this.
    And yeah the weather sucks. ZStill good for a book and tea time though!


  2. oooh that shawl is beautiful. & did you decide to keep those topshop booties?? the weather was a little bit disappointing today.. but i still feel like summer is definitely on its way :) x

  3. Superb outfit! great blog! Follow you now, follow me?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Alannah, ordered another pair in the right size just waiting for them to arrive. I'll just sell the pair that doesnt fit properly. Grrr!

  5. answer:Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!;D I 'm reallt happy you visit my blog!!*_*

  6. You see all those hours of fighting with pay pal I have been missing some of your amazing looks and posts! Love your fringe cardi... so wonderful!

  7. Your cardi and wedges are perfect! Thanks again for the heads up today ;)




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