Jul 12, 2011


This Sunday I’m setting up stall at The Village Markets on QLD’s Gold Coast; I remember visiting TMV way back in 2009 not long after they had just started, small but sweet they were an amazing treasure-trove for vintage (I may have bagged a fair few vintage beauties for my store). When I revisited again last January I was absolutely blown away by how much the girls had grown the markets and how much bigger the treasure-trove had become! So I’m really excited to be holding my own re:new stall there this Sunday. If you haven’t been, you should go. If you need a weekend away, you should come. IAnd if you live on the Gold Coast, there’s no excuse!



  1. aww it would be so much better if you set it up in sydney :) so i could go and buy something .. :D


  2. good luck! i'm not on the goldie but would definitely go check it if i was!


    Bang & Buck

  3. Will let you know next time I'm set up somewhere in Sydney, wont be too long. :)

    Thanks Bang & Buck!


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