May 15, 2011

10 things...

10 things I am not very good at;

1. Standing in abandoned shopping trolleys without shrieking that I’m about to fall out and break my neck
2. Horror movies 
3. Time management. This is one I used to be good at; I’ve fallen into the all too common time poor mummy trap and I really need to sort myself out. Hints? Tips?
4. Whistling; there’s a knack to it which totally escapes me
5. Wearing heels. Seriously. I was very well practiced not so long ago but 12 months of minimum height enhancement has rendered me unstable


6. Public speaking, the panic sets in just writing this
7. Poker, not so important in life really
8. Lying, so I’ll just say nothing 

9. Blowing bubbles
10. Multiplication… maths in general… I’m just trusting that you’re giving me the correct change

So don’t leave me out here alone, tell me that you’re not good at something as well!

Hoodie – Kmart  *  Lace shirt – Nu+Nan  *  Beanie – Sportsgirl  *  Jeans – Gripp Jeans  *  Scarf – Paul Smith


  1. ugh, public speaking is one of the things i despise the most! and i suck at it..

  2. Well I just realized today that I`m an awful cook.xx

  3. I hatee horror movies! And completely agree about public speaking x

  4. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    Public speaking, horror movies, time management, I hear you!!! The only thing that has semi-worked for this disorganised and procrastinating mama has been a weekly 'schedule' type thing (for want of a better word) where I can write it what I am doing and when I am going to do it. Kind of like a weekly calendar where I can put down social stuff as well as 'to do' stuff. If it's on the sheet on my kitchen bench I'm more likely to look at it. If I do nothing else productive I also try to put a wash on every morning when Nell goes to bed and hang it out before the day is out. As for horror movies and public speaking: avoid at all costs. xo


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