Apr 15, 2011


Feeling pretty much in love with all the dresses currently listed online, but in a gallant act of restraint, here are just a few of my faves.

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Also sending some love to Ediot for sharing one of her purchases. You know I love to see where those special little parcels end up once they disappear into the mailbox!


  1. Hey Brooke!
    I found your blog through lookbook and I really love it!! Its so creative and really fun! I grew up renewing and resewing my sisters clothes (without then knowing:) and by following your blog all the passion and creativity come back to me! I'm just curious Brooke, how did you start? In short words:)
    / Malin, 26, from southern Sweden

  2. Hey Malin! In short words I started ebaying because I was made redundant (about 2yrs ago now) and decided to do this in between jobs. Found another job, hated it, lasted 2mths, quit to do re:new full time. I don't think I could ever go back to working for someone else now! *lol

    It's so nice to hear you say that my blog is inspiring you again. It's nice to think I could have some kind of effect! :)

    Also, if you're back and reading this message, click here and you can enter the giveaway.

  3. hey brooke thanks for your comment on my blog :) to answer your question take ten is a group ten bloggers based in the UK inc me formed in which to swap clothes and re style things. kind of like the delightful dozen have you heard of them?
    anyways it turned out loads of shops and brands wanted to get involved so once a month we each get sent an item of clothing that we all have to wear and style up in our own way then we publish the pictures on all of our blogs so you can see the different ways its been styled. :)
    Hope you continue to stop by my blog! xo

  4. love it!


  5. really lovely pieces ; )


  6. love those dresses!

  7. I'm totally digging the white dress with the slit down the sleeve. I'm heading over to your site to check it out now.

    Also, I really admire the fact that your background is black. I feel like I haven't seen a black background in ages. Good for you!


  8. the last black one looks really good!! love things that are sheer!!


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