Feb 14, 2011

seven little dwarfs

Yes I’m still wearing this skirt. Yes, I’m still wearing these boots. No, I will not stop repeating myself. I will however, take myself to a mirror and spend a good few minutes scolding my reflection for taking an unreasonable amount of time to reply to the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ bestowed upon me by Cate from All Cats Are Grey At Night. Rules are; share 7 things about me you probably don’t already know and follow by nominating 10 of my favourite blogs.


- I like to drink my tea from mismatched vintage china
- My photographer is also my husband and my biggest supporter is my 4 month old baby girl
- The pile of magazines in my apartment is, shall we say, awe-inspiring
- I have the worst circulation; therefore arm-warmers are a crucial part of my wardrobe and have an entire drawer all to themselves
- I love to drive, hate public transport, if that makes me precious then so be it
- When I was about 6 yrs old my favourite outfit was a fluoro ra-ra skirt with a matching scrunchie and legwarmers
- I will always tell you the truth if you ask me whether your bum looks big in that


1 Color Me Katie – ok, not a fashion blog but come on, happiness wrapped up in a rainbow...
2 Twitch Vintage - to make me smile everyday
3 .sabo skirt. – cool in my own backyard
4 FrouFrouu – just because
5 Damsel Vintage – quality over quantity
6 Sincerley, Jules – you know that friend you have that always looks effortlessly amazing...
7 4th and Bleeker – hot
9 A Grunge Fairytale – because she has Mickey Mouse ears made from lollipops
10 Lighting Factory – mirrored black


T-shirt – Bec & Bridge * Skirt – asos * Boots – River Island * Bag – vintage via the Mint Mall * Rings – fashiontoast x dannijo / Enrapture Designs / vintage


  1. I love the maxi skirt and the ring so much!

  2. excellent outfit. Love the basic colours with the pop of the sling bag.
    We should do a catch up soon! Its been too long but also been too busy over the summer. Tea when things die down?


  3. I wouldn't apologise, for I too would repeat and repeat and repeat if i owned those boots and that amazing skirt! So glad I found your blog! wonderful!

  4. Love your jewelry and this outfit!!! The boots are amazing, the skirt is amazing...total loves!


  5. Thank you so much lovely!! Your comment gave us a giggle which we always love haha. We wouldn't stop wearing that skirt and boots either. Totally cool.

    Good luck in the competition!

    xx Thessy & Yiota
    .sabo skirt.

    www.saboskirt.com - ONLINE SHOP COMING MARCH

  6. Emm anytime you want to catch up, you know where I am. It's been too long! :)

  7. Good to get your comments, I'll feel less guilty about continued outfit posts in the same skirt! hehe

  8. Love this! I really love your maxi skirt! It's sweet.


  9. I would wear the hell out of the skirt and boots too. This whole outfit is awesome, love bec & bridge and the jewelery is all amazing! I would totally love to raid your arm warmer drawer.
    Haha so sweet, thank you for this lovely!

  10. that skirt is beautiful, don't stop wearing it x

  11. absolutely love that bag, can't get enough of it, the colour is just amazing.



  12. i love the bag, and i'm wondering now if scrunchies will become a trend again..and when?


  13. Oh goodness, I hope never. And if they do let it be known now, I will NOT follow!

  14. I really love your blog your outfits are gorgeous. Love the rings and that bag is fabulous. I'm now following with bloglovin!

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