Jan 13, 2011

12 weeks

Paige is 3 months now and going strong; I’ve really no idea what I’m doing but she’s happy and smiley and gives good cuddles so I can’t be doing too badly! Thought I’d share some cute little shots of her and me doing what we do best (loosing track of time). I’m not a very good cameraman so don’t expect anything fancier than amateur footage here!


  1. wow! It's just awesome!!
    you have a great style!
    great blog :)

  2. Love your video.... she's too adorable!

  3. So is so unbelievably gorgeous xx

  4. Careraperson.
    Loving your site. I think Page is the cutest baby ever. Claire

  5. Omg. I had tears in my eyes watching this video. She is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you are doing a brilliant job. What is the song playing in the background? L xo


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