Jul 11, 2010

winter ice cream

I’m not sure what it is about winter but I always become obsessed with eating ice cream. Crazy I know! I barely go near it in the summer months but come winter I’m all about ice cream in front of the heater! Anyway, seemed like a good idea to leave this one melting for some photos of the new ‘Itza’ ring I received from LuShae Jewelery the other day (thank you Sarah), which I’m totally loving; it’s chunky, it’s black, it’s silver and it’s got that shiny new look that my jewellery never seems to keep!


Also, very exciting, this Saturday I’m (finally) hosting my re:new stall at Glebe Markets. Neil and I spent this afternoon brainstorming over hot chocolate and putting together a neat little re:new blackboard sign, to be unveiled at the stall. He’s a clever little egg that boy of mine!
This cardigan will be finding its new owner there, along with countless other vintage goodies. Plus I’ve also got a handful of designer pieces waiting to find that perfect spot nestled within your wardrobe.
Hope to see you there.

Black silver ring – LuShae Jewelery
Wave ring – gift
Gold ring – gift
White gold ring – vintage
Cardigan – vintage
Denim shirt – thrifted
White shirt - Seduce


  1. Wish i could be there to share a stall with you! Hope the baby and neil are doing well =) And you to of course!!!

    Also i love those grandpa armbands int he post below! I have some silver ones that i like to wear as bangles haha

    love from bali


  2. Yum!! I eat embarrassing amounts of ice-cream when it's hot outside!! And why not? :-) I love your photos! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Loving the ring... Very nice! I've actually looked at that before to buy! Haha! I also really feel like McDonalds soft serve now... Annoying!!! I'll have to settle for chocolate ice cream - :)

    Love, Elle xoxo
    I can even include my blog now as a fellow blow writer - LOL - sugarspiceandallthingsamazing.blogspot.com ♥

  4. Brooke~~~~did you really eat the ice cream or was it just for the photos???I'm worry coz ice cream is really really bad for the baby!!!!!!!

    i don't know how to explain how bad it is since it's some chinese medicine thing but yeh, try to stay away from cold food like this!!don't eat watermelon too!!!

    keep warm!!


  5. Noooo, don't worry Twee, I didn't eat this one, soft serve is a big no no when your pregnant. But I have been eating ice cream from a tub. I just can't help it! ;)

  6. Hi - how's the pregnancy going? You look great...

    Loving the rings! I have connector double rings available in SHOP VF via my blog www.vintagefokus.blogspot.com

    Let me know what you think of them!?

    Take Care


  7. Yum Ice Cream! I love your sweater!!

    <3 Kelly


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