Jun 16, 2010

love in an elevator

Don’t you just love it when you put together a new outfit from things that are already in your wardrobe? I do! Recently I’ve been exploring the hangers on Neil’s side of the style department with surprising inspiration, which just lends a whole new perspective to layering possibilities for the colder months.

Quick snaps in an elevator which ended with us being embarrassingly caught out as the doors opened. The look on her face said it looked much worse than it actually was!


Jacket – vintage
Jumper – Neil’s
Skirt – Supre
Scarf – Primark
Arm warmers - Sportsgirl


  1. I love this layered, rugged up look! I really need t do some more layering! I love it

    Also the touch of denim makes this outfit.
    I love my sportsgirl armwarmers! How good are they?! So cosy


  2. Oh I'm like the queen of layering, whether you can see the layers or not you can almost always guarantee that, during winter, I'm wearing at least 4! *lol
    Sportsgirl always make the best armwarmers. If you ask me! ;)

  3. haha thanks for your comment. I like this outfit, especially the accessories!


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