Mar 21, 2010

play that funky music

Last night was CO-OP #5. This is what I wore, although I wasn’t there very long. But I represented for the first hour before I decided I’d had too big a dinner and needed sleep, but at least that’s something!

Neil and I have booked our flights to go to NZ in April, very exciting as neither of us has ever been before and we’ll be meeting up with travelling re:new in-laws plus a good friend I haven’t seen since leaving London years ago. Also excited for a little NZ op shopping, I’m quite interested to see what can be found over there. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated, although I understand op shoppers often like to keep their cards close to their chests, me being one of them.

If you’re enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday spare a thought for me today, I’ll be holed up at home completing write ups for this weeks listings; Thursday, Friday, Saturday were very very unproductive, work wise, which is often equally the pro and the con of working for one's self.

Shorts – Rogan for Target (acquired via fashiontoast)
Tank – Target
Cardigan – Seduce
Wedges – Jeffrey Campbell
Spike bracelet – theshoedirectory


  1. were you practising your supermodel strut down the pavement? i really like the shorts! nice nice nice xx

  2. More like feeling a bit ridiculous and hoping nobody in the apartments surrounding happened to be looking out of their windows at that moment!

  3. oooo shop toast shorts! nice


  4. Stunning!! wish i had your legs and those shorts :)



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