Mar 18, 2010

a face only a mother could love

I know, I apologise, I’ve been neglecting you. But I’ve come back with something a little special… 
Isn’t this cardigan awesome?! It’s one of those ‘so ugly it’s amazing’ kind of pieces that I seem to be more and more drawn to of late. Big beaded sequin patches on both arms, beaded collar and pockets, button up front and back. Plus, it kind of jingles quietly when you move like a little bell. In store soon…

Cardigan – vintage
Dress – Bluejuice
Shoes – Senso Diffusion


  1. Not clothing related but I adore ugly dogs! Give me a big, flat, smooshy dog's face and I just want to squeeze it to bits.

  2. Ooo, me too!
    Have you met Herschel on YouTube? Look him up, he's a legend.

  3. Love this cardi! I think its crazy and cute - its like a pug dog, I call pugs "cuggly" (ie cute-ugly) cause they're so ugly they're cute. x

  4. I just love your shoes, wowowowowow!!! ♥ Love love love!!! :) The cardi is cute xx

  5. I really do like this cardigan! Lovely photos :) Have a goooooood day! xx

  6. amazing pictures...those heels are ridiculously have great style

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