Feb 8, 2010

win a little, love a little

And a new week begins… with a new giveaway comp!

Does anyone else out there have a coffee addiction? One that they are fully aware of but can do nothing about? Well I’m here to feed your addiction!!!! *lol
I’ve got a $30 Gloria Jeans gift card to giveaway to one lucky re:new reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below this post, I don’t care what you say but sharing is caring. And if you add re:new to your ‘Blogs I follow’ list you’ll get an additional entry.

The winner will be picked at random at 7pm on Feb 18th. The winner can then expect said gift card to arrive in their mailbox, free of charge, ready to be used for, say, 10 hot delicious cappuccinos!

NB: sorry international readers; this one is for Aussie dollars.

Shorts – vintage DIY (they also started life as trousers)
t-shirt and belt – Supre
Cardigan – Seduce
Boots – Jeffrey Campbell 


  1. Pick me. Pick me! I need more coffee in my life :D

  2. ooooo me me me! Actually I'm not that much of a coffee drinker but I am a big hot chocolate drinker!

  3. Those shorts are great!

  4. I sent you a real nice text message... Hmm... Hot dog we have a weiner!!! I love your blog and I now check it every day xxxx (Elle) xxxx

  5. would <3 <3 <3 to win! xoxo

  6. i would but you're already on my blogs i follow :)

    ps. i love that this shot has your wedding ring in it, amazing.

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  8. also, i can't see any other way to contact you but do you have an email i can reach you on? wanted to ask you something.

  9. My knuckle looks strange!!! I've just noticed now that you mention my wedding ring! *lol

    You can get me on brooke.renew@hotmail.com

    Oh, and if you already follow then you've already got the second entry. :)

  10. Oh me! Yum!

    I love the DIY shorts you do! I'm going out to look for some of my own =)


  11. those shorts are absolutely gorgoeus. Love them

  12. awwwwwwww boooo. no love the international readers.

    Anyways, I love your style and the way you put outfits together. tres chic. I'm definitely following your blog ;)


  13. I know... I could send it to you but aussie dollars won't do you much good in Vancouver. :(

    Thanks for your comments, I'm a big fan of your blog which makes me even happier to hear from you! *lol

  14. Choose meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Will go into good use after I have the baby! 9 months without coffee and I am hanging ;)


  15. hey!
    i stumbled across your blog, and i have to say i LOVE what you do!
    the clothes look amazing :)

  16. i love your blog, and your DIY ideas!
    x lily

  17. Thanks stephaniee and lily, it's always so good to hear such complimentary feedback.

  18. Yup a hot chocolate junkie right here. :] I love how Gj's is Aussie. Better than starbucks in my humble opinion.

  19. Oh and i've been following your blog for quite some time now. :]

  20. This is me commenting you again to increase my chances of winning. Plus to tell you you should blog more often! Elle :) xoxo

  21. I know, but I've been really busy - everything in this weeks collection has needed attention. But it's all finally good to go and will be online tomorrow night so it was all worth it.

  22. Mmmm free coffee... :-0


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