Feb 5, 2010


Sorry this one is a little boring with no pics, but it's exciting and I'll make it short and sweet;

I get so many requests for BIN prices on vintage listings that I've decided to launch a little preview option for you guys, with first listings up now - 13 in fact to start us off - items will be listed on pre:new at a set price for just 7 days. If you see and like, email me to make it yours. If the item is 'unclaimed'... it will be listed in the eBay store for auction after the week is up. All the same rules apply; I will happily combine postage, payment via PayPal, etc. etc.

Click the link in the header above to have a look, I'd love to hear your feedback on this one.

Oh, and stay tuned this Monday for a re:new blog giveaway. It's all happening at the moment!



  1. I think I'm a bit in love with u (a bit). your style is.. effortless. magnificent.


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