Jan 27, 2010


So I made these shoulder pads with the original intention of listing them on eBay but upon completion, and with a little bit of narcissism, I’ve decided I want to keep them for myself!
Not to say I can’t make anymore, so if you’re interested drop me an email and I’ll lovingly handcraft another pair for your personal satisfaction as well.

Fringed shoulder pads – DIY
Blazer – Bardot
Singlet – Target
Jeans – H&M
Chain – Diva


  1. i have been meaning to make shoulder pads for months now but ended up just buying feathered ones on monday :)

    yours look fabulous and so divine, amazing job, brooke!


  2. Great DIY! And I really think that you would be a perfect model! Beautiful, perfect physique and you know how to pose!

    I'm so sorry for my late answer... Yes, the Boohoo boots are the 'Lissa' boots! I have to say that they look much better in fact ;)

  3. I know, I've actually had these hanging around home in pieces for well over 2 months meaning to get to them. It's surprising how much time eBay business actually takes up!

    And bloomingvogue, with all these compliments you're making me blush. hehe I'm absolutely devestated tho; Boohoo don't deliver outside UK and Europe. *sob

  4. ahhh,,
    so cool!!

    love the shoulder pad blazer!!


  5. i made some very similar ones! love those. cant wait to post mine on my blog too.



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