Dec 11, 2009

love shak

So the day is dawning, the first big foray into real-live, people-to-people, touch-it-and-try-it-on, love-it-and-don’t-let-go-or-someone-else-will-snap-it-up selling! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow; I’m interested to see people’s reactions to my stuff, to listen in on their comments, see if they laugh or gasp… you know what I mean.

Does anyone else listen to WSFM (101.7FM)? I love it any day of the week (anything old skool and I‘m in bopping, rocking heaven) but can I just say their Friday nights are totally AMAZING. Disco down all night long. Right now I’m bopping in my seat to the Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’. Love it!

Moving on, I just wanted to share this dress with y’all because it is one of the most stunning I’ve come across in my thrifting adventures so far. It was snapped up by the lovely Ama while she was here last week and is now making her feel amazing in far away Berlin. But I am happy in the knowledge that it has gone to a wonderful person… with the longest legs I have ever met!
Hi Ama!

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