Dec 9, 2009

everything bar the kitchen sink

Here’s a little looksie at what I’ll have for sale this weekend at Hibernian House
It’s almost everything, about 85-90%. I’ve got a few retro guys shirts to go as well so bring your better half.
(Sorry about the quality of some pics, I was trying to get through them all as quick as possible. I’ve never had so many wardrobe changes in one day in my entire life!)


  1. ooohh!! are any of these going on ebay? i live in Perth so unfortunately sydney is a bit far for me :(

  2. Oh dear, sorry gatona85, I've only just seen your comment now, 3 weeks later! Apologies.

    Some of them are online now actually if you want to have a look. But there are still a couple to come as well (haven't had a chance to take more photos for the listings). Let me know which you're interested in and I'll see where they are. Drop me an email -


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