Dec 16, 2009

i've lost 2009

I've been fighting my way through a lot of designer sales over the last few weeks; some are a pleasant experience, others are not. It’s funny how the big red sign that says SALE sends some women into a crazed state of urgency which brings out elbows and whips around big handbags. Ladies, just relax for God's sake!
Anyway, I’m in the process of updating my brookes*wardrobe ID into an eBay store to accompany the re:new store; I wanted to gauge what kind of reaction I got to my listings, whether it was worthwhile, and all is positive so far so I’m diving in and opening another shop front. Unfortunately I’m a bit limited on my laptop with regard to creative programs and abilities for a logo so we’ll see how I go. I also want to improve the re:new logo but that will have to be a New Year's project for now.

This is my first Christmas period on eBay and it seems everyone is shutting up shop (so to speak) for the festive season but I’m loathe to do that, mainly because I just have so much stuff here still and I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to adding to my ‘wardrobe’, be it vintage or new, so if I don’t keep listing I may drown in clothes before the year is out!
Everything is going up as Buy It Now as it’s a little tricky time wise for auctions so this seems the easiest solution.

Here are a few new additions I’ll be listing on brookes*wardrobe over the next week or so.

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