Dec 15, 2009

i know, i just bought a new pair of shoes... but still

If only I were made of money…
Ashish for Topshop Animal platform wedges, I love you.

Photos borrowed (I'll give them back, I promise) from fashiontoast (one of my fave blogs), parkandcube, taghrid and stylebubble


  1. i don't believe it. i was looking at these last friday but size 8 were the only size to have sold out, again! i did go a little crazy and buy four of my friends birthday presents. With combined postage for $12 AUS, how could i say no?

    i think you should get them if they have your size. i would kill for these babies :)

  2. I know... God it's so tempting but my husband would definitely make me send them back. *lol
    Either that or I'd have to stop eating for a month to cover the cost of them!


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