Dec 2, 2009


If you’re in Sydney in December I think you should make a point of coming to visit me. Conveniently I’ll be selling my wares at the next SixOhOne vintage sale on December 12th and 13th!

I’m so excited, even tho I don’t really know what I’m expecting.  

So, as the story goes, I took myself along to one of their sales a few months ago and left thinking to myself ‘That was pretty cool, I wonder if I can get into a bit of that action, might be worthwhile. Best send them an email when I get home.’ So emailed the organiser, Emma, and she had a look at some of my re:new listings in eBay, said she liked my stuff and wanted to help me out, much to my delight (nothing like a compliment from a fellow vintage obsessive!).

Anyway, would be amazing if you came to visit!

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