Dec 1, 2009

and the record store too

Spent an hour or so in a record shop this afternoon, entertained myself with a never-ending supply of horrendous sleeves. I cannot fathom why anyone in their right mind agreed to allow some of these photographs to be made public!

Sexin’ it up!!!!
The man may have some serious dental issues to tend to, but he’s also got some seriously stylish footwear happening.

Fell in love with this cover at first sight.

How to get a discount in 2 easy steps;
  1. arrive with an international DJ (in our case, MCDE from Germany, here to play at Neil’s party (Co-Op) on Saturday night, who just happens to have a massive fan in the store attendant
  2. Agree to have him sign the shop wall
Discount, sorted!

Jacket – thrifted
Blouse – Seduce
Jeans – Gripp Denim
Fringed boots – Miss Shop

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