Mar 4, 2012

week 25

Sorry, MIA! I just couldn’t bring myself to blog last week; I’ve been so tired and super busy with renovations I needed a break from online and having to think too much about what I might be wearing. But Saturday I had a little catch up with Lauren so between the raindrops we shot some pics which was fun, she’s always so good for a laugh.

So I looked back at some blog pics to this time last pregnancy and whoa mumma, I am so much bigger this time around! Some things are hard for me to gauge because I knew about Paige a lot earlier than this pregnancy but I feel like it’s getting tough much earlier this time (I’ll never be to one to say I love being pregnant so bear with me over the next 3 months!), or maybe I’ve just forgotten?! Obviously it's not all bad; it’s so amazing to now be able to feel and see his little hands and feet pushing me, he’s pretty busy in there!

Jacket + slip (worn as a top) – vintage  *  Jeans – Topshop Maternity  *  Wedges - Nasty Gal


  1. you are such a cute pregnant woman! I love the diary idea for your baby.. so cool! Love your outfit here, the butterfly top is beautiful!


  2. Looking gorgeous, as usual! Love "the lad" hehe
    Most of my mumma friends tell me that its very common to get bigger earlier on, second time around, something to do with all the muscles etc having already done it all once before. But apparently that can make it a lot easier too, second time around, because you're body is prepared

    1. Yeah, it's true, and my mum says she was bigger second time with my sister who was smaller! You just deal with what you get, it could be a hell of a lot worse... I'd never use the words 'pregnancy', 'labour' or 'easy' together though, but that's just me! haha

  3. There's the cheeky smile! Woooo see how natural and content you look! I can just imagine Paige on the side chuckling at us being silly! Really nice to see you again, hopefully I can catch you before 'the lad' arrives.

    x Lauren

  4. Brooke you look lovely and I can see your belly but you look incredible! plus you are already half way trough! is only a couple of months left so the lad will be out in no time :) I'm not big fan of pregnancy but the final result is totally worth it! x

  5. I'm still not sure whether I approve of the whole pregnancy process. Frankly, the dudes should have gotten that short end of the stick (never having been myself). I'm quite content spoiling the neices and nephes but your baby bump does look tres adorable and you accessorize it well :) Complain all ya want! You have a little human growing in you for gosh sakes!

  6. aw this is adorable, i love your cardigan!!! you look great! :)

  7. that jacket is really beautiful
    and you still wear heels ;p

    love the whole outfit, you look amazing !
    take care, my dear <333

  8. OMG you look so adorable with your bump *___* And I love your cardigan!!!! You're super lovely!!!!
    Can we follow each other? :)

  9. Gosh you're a gorgeous pregnant woman!

    The Sydney Girl

  10. You're a very stylish future mum, I love the outfit, really.


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