Nov 3, 2011

flailing and untangling

Some wonderful friends of mine in London got me an asos gift voucher for my birthday which I used to treat myself to this House of Harlow leather cuff. Shame my wrists are too tiny and it almost falls off and knocks out whoever I’m passing every time I flail my arms around. Which, as you can imagine, is all the time!!?!
Actually, when I’m wearing this knit my day needs to involve minimal flailing otherwise I spend all my time untangling myself from my bag, my jewellery, my front doorknob, my seatbelt, my baby, those little teeth things on the cling film boxes… as if I have this kind of time in my day to spare!

Cuff – House of Harlow 1960  *  Knit + Wedges – via Nasty Gal  *  Tank – Supre  *  Jeans – in need of replacement  *  Bag – vintage  *  iPhone – broken


  1. very very cool! i bought this marc jacobs little bracelet one day (literally its like this gold little thing on a piece of material) & somehow its stretched so much so that i can't even wear it on my wrist anymore because it falls straight off. mega disappointing.
    loving your harlow but!x

  2. perfect jumper, love this connection !

  3. I suffer from small wrists too which is why I could never wear those gorgeous wonder woman cuffs everyone's sporting (sorrow!) Love yours though and loving the outfit!

  4. You look so gorgeous! I love knits, but yeah I end up getting pulls everywhere :(
    ASOS is actually amazing! I spend way too much money on it, especially now there's a .au version haha.
    Your blog is lovely, I'm following!


  5. Haha it's funny to hear the downfalls of this sweater, but it's so worth it! I love it.

  6. Great look. Love the sweater and the wedges.

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