Oct 12, 2011


I visited The Wonderland office yesterday to have a little peek at the new designs for AW12 and fell completely head over heels for new label knitte… oh me oh my, those knits are to die for! Crazy soft! I spent quite a bit of time admiring the cardigan in the first pic, then the jumper with studs down the arms, then… you get it right? Also spent time appreciating the cute PJ shorts by deshabille, wondering whether they could pass as daytime wear, just peeking out from beneath that chunky knit from knitte…! Loved seeing in person the gorgeous tutus from State of Georgia too, if only this mumma had an excuse to wear one!

And here's a pic of me smiling nicely but secretly waiting for everyone to look away so I can do a runner in my favourite piece!


  1. so many great pieces! love the second sweater with button sleeves! want that. hope you're enjoying the week so far.xx

  2. Wow, these pieces look lovely~! You look really nice in the cardigan =)

    Regarding my excessive meats, they're mainly at my back and on my arm. I'm try really hard to push those meats to the right place, i.e. the boobs, but obviously...it didn't work *0*

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  3. That stuff is all amazing, but I am particularly crushing on those pj shorts! Sooo cute. Did you buy that last sweater?

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  5. ZombieLace... not yet! ;)


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