Aug 2, 2011

swallow the moon

These giant sunglasses  practically swallow my face but I lost my last pair, and then found these so they’ll do for now. How can there be sunglasses in my home that I’ve never seen before?! They’re in keeping with my efforts to try and inject a bit more colour into my everyday dressing; I tend to sway much more towards white, grey and black. I feel good in this scarf.

Cardigan + Scarf – Primark  *  Tee – thrifted  *  Skirt – vintage via Crux & Crow  *  Bag – vintage via the Mint Mall  *  Belt - vintage  * Boots – River Island  *  Sunglasses - Sabre


  1. love this look so much :)

  2. the super sized shades really suit you, they dont do my face any good however :( loving that green cardi, its a perfect pop of colour.x

  3. really like your scarf and the mix of colours against the bold leopard graphic print! perfect match for your oversized sunnies!

    x Lauren

  4. Thank you, thank you and thank you! :)


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