Nov 11, 2010

lace curtain

I wish I could say I fit back into my old clothes but I’d be lying. Close but not yet. Damn you Gisele!
Baby Paige is continuing to prove herself as one super chilled babette so I’ve been spending my spare time getting back into a bit of work and hemming dresses with the hope that I can start photographing the ridiculous amount of summer stock I’ve got here. I may be aiming a bit high but if I don’t do it no one will. And I guess it’s better to be a little over ambitious than to spend my time lazing on the couch and continuing to not fit into clothes!


Jeans – Gripp Jeans

Lace dress – Nu+Nan

Apologies for the uninspiring footwear but sometimes a girl just hasta throw on something a little too easy!


  1. i love the lace dress..i want it, no actually i need it. x

  2. mmmmmm it is an aweeeesome dress!
    hehe good to hear you're being productive with your time!
    and ngawww super chilled baby paige :)
    i recognise that place! i think.. maybe not.. haha

  3. For someone who just had a baby, you look beyond amazing! Heck, for someone who hasn't had a baby you look amazing! Stunning outfit and figure. xx

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself about the baby is my belief that Gisele is an alien ;)

    Marie xx


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