Jun 19, 2010

me, a model and the bump (week 23)

I am exhausted!
Today was re:new’s first foray into photography involving someone other than myself. Meet Shauna, who you’ll see over the next few weeks in our store photos.
I haven’t done a photo shoot involving other people for years now and I have to admit it was just a little bit fun to be sitting on the other side of the camera for a change.
I mean, I have thoroughly enjoy playing dress-ups over the last year, and by no means would I call the store photos anything particularly amazing (it is only a white wall background after all), but it is kinda fun playing dress-ups with someone else doing the dressing-up for a change!

All new listings will be online tomorrow night, including the cute snowman jumper dress Shauna has on in these pics.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Top – Honey & Beau
Skirt – Supre
Cardigan – Seduce
Arm warmers - Sportsgirl

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  1. ahhh looks like so much fun! She's so sweet!
    and seeing your bump never gets old!



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