May 14, 2010

want to work with re:new?

So the time has come that I need re:new assistance. I am currently on the hunt for someone to take on the role of seamstress here in Sydney. If you, or someone you know, can competently hem and repair clothing and are looking for some extra money each week I want to hear from you.
Not only will you be getting a serious preview of our stock before it hits the store (staff discounts apply), but you'll be helping re:invigorate amazing one-off pieces from our fashion past, bringing them to a worldwide audience.

So send me an email with your details/CV/any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Jacket – vintage (in store Monday)
Dress – Mink Pink
Shoes – Senso Diffusion
Clutch - vintage


  1. I love the first pictures, you look amazing pretty!
    If we lived in the city I would totally get my mum to take the job haha
    good luck!


    (p.s- I bet glebe will sneak up on me an I won't be ready! Hope not)

  2. I'm beginning to think the same thing actually, I need to shop!

  3. gorgeous heels and i like the last pic~!

    it's such a good idea to hire an assistant~!hemming dresses is the most time consuming part of the business!!

    good luck with assistant hunting!



    Ezzentric Topz

  4. gosh you look gorgeous!! :D

  5. Aww, thank you Margaret!

    Twee, I can honestly say I cant wait to get this all organised and the free time I'll have to put into play all my other ideas and plans for re:new. Finally! :)


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