May 27, 2010

my story for Thursday

Vintage bikes.
I love mine.
But I am the worst cyclist because I’m scared of everybody else on the road!

After a visit to Copenhagen last year I was all inspired by how everybody rides everywhere, looking all stylish and perfect. We hired bikes, rode around the city sightseeing, shared bike paths with the locals, breathed in the crisp air and generally just enjoyed the whole experience. So when I got back I immediately found myself this old bike with the intention to, well, ride it everywhere, thus saving money and the environment while looking stylish and perfect at the same time!
Good intentions.
But actually, as it turns out, I’m not a confident rider (left turns are okay but right turns require dismounting of the bike and walking across the road) and my poor bike has begun gathering dust. And after a friend was knocked off his bike by an ignorant driver and his opening door I’ve become a little paranoid about coming off with a baby on board.
So when Sydney is as bike friendly as Copenhagen, or Amsterdam for that matter, I’ll be out there with everyone else. But til then, I’ll leave the cycling to the brave.


Only a week left til I draw the winner of the May prize pack. Jump over to Facebook to be in the running.

Dress – vintage
Belt - thirfted
Coat – thrifted
Cardigan – Supre
Boots – Primark


  1. Oh my goodness, is that a bump in the first photo of a gust of wind under your dress?!!!

    Love the second picture, so happy!!!! :)
    no zanita this week, catch up early next week?


  2. It's a bit of both. It's pretty hard to hide now, not that I want to any other time than store photos.

    Yep, Mon or Tues best for me. We'll email organise.

  3. That is a lovely bike - mine's just a basic mountain bike which gets up Sydney's hills ok but doesn't look anywhere near as cool.

    I hope your friend is alright too - I also know lots of friends of friends who've been knocked off bikes which didn't stop me commuting 10kms to my last job, mostly on the road, but it did mean I wore a bucketload of fluro yellow and lights aplenty. Now I just ride within my suburb mostly so not too scary. Definitely think you should do whatever you can to protect your bub though :)

  4. Wow I love your vintage bike, I really want one with a basket and just ride everywhere. Don't worry, you'll get there! Lots of love xx

  5. I need a basket too... I was looking at one point but it's kinda fallen to the way side with the actual riding!

    ren - he was fine, just a bit sore for a while, bike came out unscathed.


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