May 23, 2010

i want to know everything you know

This dress is a little too frilly for my liking normally but today it appealed so I figured I might as well go with it so I can relegate it to the back of my dress rail for another year without feeling too guilty! 
Actually, it’s probably the last time it will even fit for another year! 
Dressed down with a lot of black and a little grey it’s a perfectly pretty Sunday outfit for the continuing rainy weather which had me sleeping til after 10 this morning, which is quite a feat at the moment – pregnant woman dreaming all night every night has me awake before it’s necessary most mornings and slowly turning me into a crazed lady hovering somewhere between reality and make-believe. All future ramblings will be blamed on this fact!

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on Polaroid cameras? I’m tossing up between investing in a Polaroid or a Lomo without knowing a lot about either so anything and everything you might know, I want to know.

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Dress – Asos
Cardigan - Seduce
Boots - Primark


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  2. I realised that I never said congratulations on the baby girl, so CONGRATULATIONS! Oh wow she'll have such a lovely stylish mother :) Umm I went on the Polaroid website and there's a Polaroid 300 which looks pretty cool. Just like the Fuji Instax, but it's Polaroid so sounds promising. The film would be expensive though. Lomos are better in terms of buying film for it, plus they took lovely photos. Don't think that I helped, but I've been browsing for a Polaroid too so I guess we're in the same boat. Lots of love xx

  3. Love how you styled the ruffley dress with the black =)

    I have a polaroid and apart from the fact that i've never been able to use it (i bought it one, maybe two years ago) because film is so darn expensive and unreachable i alway wished i had bought a pretty one (like those real vintage ones with the rainbow).

    I'd agree with jessica and say get a lomo, they take super cool photos with a faded look.
    Getting a polaroid is like your in a fantasy (also known as denial) and you just pretend you'll be able to get film and take heaps of super cool photos with it and they'll all turn out great...not going to happen haha.

    The polaroid films being sold again but i havn't seen any and its expensive anyway


  4. I'd go with lomo, I think they take better pictures. I have a polaroid and it's big and bulky and I hardly ever use it. Also when a pack of 10 photos cost $30, you probably won't get any opportunities to use it much.


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